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So what exactly is BASE?

BASE is a collaborative, storytelling role-playing game for 2-7 players. In a storytelling RPG, you come together with your friends to tell a particular story, with each player in charge of a character that is integral to the function of the story.

At the beginning of a game of BASE, the players draw cards in order to randomly determine the setting of the story you are about to tell. These story elements are somewhat general, which leaves room for you, the players, to fill in the gaps and create a unique setting. The same concept of randomization also applies to creating your character, the predicaments they will become entangled in, and the actions they will take in order to solve those predicaments.

This all makes for an RPG that is quickly generated and quickly played, but still entertaining while giving the players a chance to flex their creative muscles. And if your particular group wants to take a little more time to really get into the details that’s totally fine, too. BASE will give you the framework to tell those stories!

Essentially, BASE is a *nearly* infinite one-shot story generator.

The BASE System

BASE is an acronym for the abilities that your character possesses.:

B stands for Brains. The types of tasks your character will be performing with Brains include: accessing knowledge, making things or out-smarting an opponent.

A stands for Anatomy. You’re character could be doing the following with Anatomy: pick-pocketing, sneaking around or smashing down a door.

S stands for Social. Social abilities include the following actions: coercion, collecting information through conversation or seduction.

E stands for Estate. Estate is used in situations that require the use of objects, generally those that have monetary or economic value. You might use Estate for the following reasons: to determine whether you possess a weapon to defend yourself, bribing and official or whether or not you own a spaceship.

BASE isn’t meant to be limited to any specific setting or world, so all players are encouraged to assist in the formation of a BASE setting. Because of the setting-neutral nature of BASE, it lends itself well to allow players to draw upon their collective enjoyment of various other settings from movies, books, video games, shows and even other RPGs.

A deck of cards and a few dice

BASE is light on the rules for a few reasons:

One: BASE was designed to be able to wrap up a game in one or two evenings.

Two: So that you and your fellow players can focus more on the role-playing aspect and less time on looking up rules.

Three: Obviously, so that you, the players/collaborators, can project whichever setting you wish into the BASE game you’re running.

Ever wanted to play session as students at a wizard school? Maybe you’re running a tech-heavy setting, how about doing an away mission as a star ship officer? Perhaps you’d like to play through a historical moment. You could fight back the Mongol horde or assist Lewis and Clark in their discovery of the western United States or join Magellan on his voyage around the world. The idea is it’s up to your group which setting you’d like to play and how long to play it.